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Created with love, all our products are designed and produced to be of a consistent high standard. We believe in giving designer brand quality at high street price - affordable and accessible for all.

Consistently updating our fusion pot of vibrantly stylish and varied designs, we focus a lot of energy into ensuring all of our items are sourced from well known, reliable garment suppliers and printers/embroiders to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

We welcome all sizes (from extra small to plus sizes) throughout all of our menswear and womenswear ranges and offer reliable, secure and fast delivery worldwide (United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Asia, Australia/NZ, EFTA States).

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Based in London UK, Worse For Wear Clothing specialise in Alternative Streetwear Fashion, Accessories & Home/Living products for both men and women.

Founded in late 2020, we’re still a relatively new business and passionate about spreading our name. As we grow, we endeavour to create a community based feel offering through our brand an extension of identity to all our fellow Alternatives out there.

A place for all those who proudly prefer to be different! Punks, goths, witches, geeks, skaters, scene kids, emos, healers, rockers, witches, metal heads…

Somewhere for the outcasts, revolutionaries and dreamers. Welcome to Worse For Wear…

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